Payday Loans, Responsible Lending Really Pays!


 Inconsiderate borrowing of fast cash loans that are so popular in Poland can lead to serious financial problems. The debt loop will tighten on our neck if we consciously and “head off” do not plan our expenses and we will not check the credit offer exactly, as well as the contract that the lender will give us to sign. It is not an art to incur several or even several thousandth credit. The trick is to borrow responsibly. It is worth going to an institution which in its activities is guided primarily by the principles of responsible lending.

It does not mean responsibly quickly

It does not mean responsibly quickly

Responsible lending is a very popular business strategy currently used by financial institutions operating both on the banking services market and consumer loans of the non-banking sector. Of course, not all companies in the financial sector, especially those from the fast cash loans sector, operate in accordance with Polish law and apply a responsible lending strategy in their operations.

The full, transparent and comprehensive information provided by the financial institution regarding the privileges and obligations arising from the cash loan agreement, including the amount of the loan it can receive, the duration of the contract and all related costs should be extremely important for the borrower.

The consumer must be given the opportunity to contact the lender at any time in order to dispel any doubts before and during the contract being signed. This is especially important for currently popular loans over the internet.

– Responsible lending should be a priority for all undertaken and implemented organizational and financial undertakings of financial institutions operating on the Polish consumer loans market – convinces the expert of MiniCredit , an international financial company operating for years in the cash loans sector – Granting financial obligations should be done in accordance with and comply with legal provisions applicable in the Republic of Poland, as well as in the interest of ensuring the highest standards of customer service – he adds.

Financial lustration

Financial lustration

A company providing a cash loan should carefully verify the creditworthiness of a potential borrower, preferably using information obtained eg in the Economic Information Office (BIG) or Credit Information Bureau (BIK). Credit should not be granted to people whose financial situation prevents them from paying their financial liabilities on time. Each client should receive comprehensive information about why his loan application has been negatively evaluated. This kind of activity also fits into the strategy of responsible lending.

So dear reader, if you are planning to take out a cash loan in one of the financial institution operating in our market, check whether it uses the strategy of responsible lending. This can save you from unpleasant financial consequences in the future. Come responsibly!


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